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Custom made canvas tarpaulin covers & sheets

Cunningham Covers make bespoke PVC and cotton canvas covers for almost any type of application - in the garden, DIY enthusiast, for classic cars, boats, caravans, barbecues, awnings. You name it, Cunninghams can provide a bespoke canvas tarpaulin made to your exact specification.

Some examples of Cunningham tarpaulin applications

Uses for flat or shaped PVC or cotton canvas tarpaulins:

For DIY uses, canvas tarpaulins are many and varied. Depending on the use, different types and weights of canvas may be appropriate. We will be able to advise the best type of weight and material.

For those awkward bulky items that maybe cannot be moved or stored elsewhere, but outside and under the elements - a tarpaulin will offer protection against wind, rain, frost and snow. A canvas tarpaulin or cover can be used to cover patio or garden furniture over the winter, or simply keep it dry for use when the sun does come out on those increasingly rare occasions!

What makes a Cunningham tarpaulin the best

Each Cunningham tarpaulin cover is produced to your unique specification. We apply the highest manufacturing standards with welded reinforced edging for durability and toughness.

You can design the ideal cover or tarpaulin to exactly meet your needs. Avoid the disappointment of inappropriate covers which do not fit well or do not serve their intended purpose, get a custom cover to ensure that you get the perfect cover for you. Whether you need a heavy duty canvas cover or a cotton canvas cover, you can specify its use and we will make it suited to your requirements and use.

You can order your tarpaulin as a flat sheet or as a shape that will fit neatly over awkward shapes.

Replacement covers

In many instances, Cunningham’s are asked to provide replacement covers for ones which have faded due to age, inappropriate weight of material or poor quality. We strive to ensure that all our covers will stand up to the elements ensuring a long life and value for money.

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We have been custom making tarps for over 40 years. Creating covers of all shapes and sizes for customers all over the world.