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Trailer Covers made to order by Cunningham Covers, one of the UK's leading tarpaulin manufacturers.

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Clever protective covers.

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Trailer Covers Made to Measure

Your Trailer Cover will be a custom-made to suit your trailer's dimensions. Our trailer covers can be made in the shape of a lid with a top cover and 4 sides, complete with reinforced welded edges, eyelets to be secured with either individual bungee loops or a continuous length of bungee cord to create a perfect waterproof cover for your trailer.

Cunningham Covers bespoke trailer covers provide a tidy and secure covering for small trailer owners throughout the UK and Ireland. We provide the perfect resource for builders, tradesmen or D.I.Y. enthusiasts

When transporting goods in small trailers it is often necessary to protect them from the elements and also from theft, Cunningham Covers' Trailer Covers are ideal for this, keeping your trailer water tight and secure while also ensuring a professional and elegant finish.

Recommended materials are 610gsm or 900gsm heavy duty PVC and come in a range of different colours.

We also specialise in making fitted covers Ifor Williams trailers.


  • Made with 4 choices of tough material.
  • Fully waterproof and UV resistant.
  • Individually made.
  • Solid brass eyelets and bungee loops or cord fitted as standard.
  • Available in red, blue, green, yellow, white, grey and black.

We accept orders online or by phone. 

If you have a similar issue or indeed if this solution would work for you, just submit an enquiry above or give us call on 028 7964 2638 or 004428 7964 2638 from outside the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deal with the ladder rack on my trailer?

We can put reinforcing on the underside of the cover at the corners, this can be cut to let the cover down over the ladder rack. If there is a high bar running across we can have a flap which can be secured with velcro.

Can I give you the model number for my trailer so you can make a cover for it?

There is a lot of information on the internet on trailer sizes from different manufacturers, we find it can be inaccurate, it is best you take measurements of your own trailer to ensure the cover will fit.

Can I have an opening at the rear of the trailer cover?

Yes, openings are can be made on the front rear and sides of the trailer cover.

What material is used for the trailer cover?

We also have a lighter material available (610gsm) which is more suitable to smaller trailers, this material is robust, UV stabilised and waterproof.

Can you use canvas material for trailer covers?

Yes, but please be aware that the canvas can be prone to shrinkage, it can leak were the material has been joined together and it will lose its proofing over time. For trailer covers we would recommend using our 610gsm PVC.

How is the cover secured to the trailer?

The cover can be fitted using standard blue rope however, we would advise using laced bungee as this is a better method of keeping the cover in place.